I am a thirty-something, mum of one. I am very interested in child rearing, healthy eating, family life and education.

Before the arrival of my daughter, I was a mathematics teacher and a member of the Leadership Team of a London secondary school. I was very organised, hard-working and ambitious. While pregnant with my daughter, Lizzie, a friend gave me Gina Ford’s Contented Baby book – it was fab, my baby was going to be on a schedule, I would have me time, my life would stay organised, I would be in control and the whole thing would go smoothly. You may have guessed from reading that last sentence that I hadn’t spent much time around babies – just cuddling my friends’ babies. So the baby arrives and instead of being this hyper organised yummy mummy, I became a co-sleeping (although there wasn’t much sleep), breast-feeding (21 months), baby-wearing, hippie mum. There wasn’t even a hint of a schedule until Lizzie was 9 months – I just went with her routine, but no-one else would call it a routine.