Frugal Friday #8: Crochet Bunny


Well it has been a good week frugality wise. We had a lovely visit to the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon to see the Sarah and Duck show. Lizzie has never seen the Sarah and Duck TV show, but she still loved the performance, she also loved the indoor and outdoor play areas at the Polka. I cannot recommend this venue enough, maybe because I used to go there as a child and have such fond memories of it, but we always have such enjoyable times there. We basically spent the whole afternoon there and time flew by.

For Easter I have been crocheting this pink bunny for Lizzie.

Easter Bunny

I am really disappointed with my placement of the ears and the legs are not exactly the same size, but I have to hope Lizzie likes it. I still need to sew on the eyes and nose. I got the pattern from here . The pattern is so easy to follow and has a youtube tutorial that accompanies it.

Happy Easter,

Emma xxx


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