Mathematical Mondays #7: A Matching and Counting Game


I thought I would share with you are matching game that I made for Lizzie. Currently Lizzie is very keen on matching things, whether this be sorting all her farm animal figures into different groups, sometimes these are species groups, sometimes size groups and sometimes colour groups, choosing matching clothes, matching her fairy toys with similar coloured unicorn toys, the list goes on. So  I thought I would make her a matching game that involved a little bit of counting. This is the game I made:

Matching Mittens

Basically I made some card mittens and she matched them up. She really enjoyed it, mainly because she loves anything clothes related. She started by matching up the blue with the blue then the red with the red and then white with the white. She found matching the ones with the pink dots much more challenging, but she got there. You could play this as a memory game and turn them wrong side up, I am yet to try memory games with Lizzie, but when I do this will be one of the first I try.

Her is a printable of the mitten pictures Counting Mittens .

Emma xxx

2 thoughts on “Mathematical Mondays #7: A Matching and Counting Game

  1. Another fun learning activity Emma! Your little girl is going to have so many advantages because you’re teaching her not just mathematical basics, but also that math is fun, and that learning is fun! 😀

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