Frugal Fridays #7: The Best 99p that I Have Spent in a Long Time


Well frugally speaking this has been a very good week. I have not bought Lilly anything – well obviously food, but no toys, no craft supplies, no puzzles. Interestingly she seems to have still had a very enjoyable week, who knew toddlers can be happy with their old toys.

I have spent 99p on something which is Lizzie related, but so far proved to be a God send. We have been having numerous battles over tidying up, now I don’t expect her to tidy up perfectly, but she is capable of doing a lot, she just doesn’t like to. Michael is a nightmare with tidying and I am not going to live with two messy monsters! Lizzie will tidy when she wants to get to the next activity and she knows she can’t unless she does, but if she isn’t keen on the next activity (bedtime, coming food shopping with me, etc) then I have no hope of getting her to tidy, until now ……..



I decided to make up a tidying song and we would sing it together while we tidy – big flop, she just put her hand in the air and said “stop singing mummy”. I wasn’t beaten yet, I decided to download a song called The Tidy Song, and it worked a treat I told Lizzie we had to tidy her play kitchen before the song ended. She couldn’t tidy faster enough and when she finished before the song ended we high-fived and jumped around as if we had just one the world cup. We have been doing this for a couple of days and it seems to be working, long may it continue!

So sometimes spending money is the right thing to do.

Emma xxx

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