Mathematical Mondays #6: The Long and Short of It!


Lizzie has been getting more and more interested in the size of objects so I thought I would introduce her to the concept of length. To do this I cut up some ribbons into comparatively short pieces and comparatively long pieces and then we sat and sorted them into two piles: short and long. Lizzie really enjoyed this, I think because she is going through the tidying and organising stage.

FullSizeRender 7

Any other ideas for activities we could use to help her develop her understanding of length?


Emma xxx

2 thoughts on “Mathematical Mondays #6: The Long and Short of It!

  1. Oh how fun! Maybe a yard stick, rulers, or a tape measure after she understands what long is you can then introduce the numerical meaning. Little balls of yarn or string could also be fun to show her how overall size can be related to length when the ball is unrolled, and that length and distance are related. 🙂 You are such a good mom taking advantage of everyday things to turn it into valuable learning/teaching opportunities! 😀

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