Frugal Friday #6: Organising My Way to Frugality

So I am doing my best not to spend any money, so I need to occupy my mind with other things and this week it has been organising and there have been some unexpected benefits.

Last weekend I decided that we would tidy up our spare bedroom a.k.a our converted loft a.k.a our dumping ground. It took pretty much all of Saturday to clear out the room. Lizzie loved helping and even found some of her old toys and they seem to have taken on a new life and now are her current favourite toys. Michael just seemed to love taking the rubbish to the dump and the good items to the charity shop. I also shockingly discovered a toy that I bought Lizzie over a year ago and had totally forgot to give to her.

We decided that we are now going to use our reclaimed loft room as a play room for Lizzie. Previously Lizzie’s toys had basically taken over our dining room. I have moved her Happyland, toy railway, puzzles and Duplo to the new play room and made a home corner area  for her in our dining room. I have left her craft resources and musical toys in the dining room for the time being.

While making the home corner I decided that it needed some more furniture, the old me would have been down to IKEA picked up a cupboard and of course  some toys while I’m there, but the new me was extra good and I just decided to use our bedroom cabinet that wasn’t getting much use.


Part of the new, improved home corner with recycled bedside cabinet.


I need to add a few things from Lizzie’s bedroom, doll’s highchair and cot and then the home corner will be complete.

So the benefits of organising our spare room have been:

  1. Gaining an extra usable room.
  2. Rediscovering some old toys that Lizzie loves, even if she only loves them for a short time.
  3. It was a fun and free activity to do together.
  4. We all felt very proud of the results.

This week I still have been fantasising about spending money, mainly on buying a play washing machine to go in the home corner, but I haven’t bought it, let’s hope I can stay strong!

Emma xxx

2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday #6: Organising My Way to Frugality

  1. Wow that looks great! It makes me want to be 6 years old again – I would pretend that I was Julia Childe!! Isn’t it great when you tackle the clutter room – it’s almost like Christmas – you get the gifts of things you forgot about and you get the to give the gift of donating gently used items to people that need them! Good job! 😀


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