Frugal Friday #5: Becoming Reflective

So as I said last week I am working on trying to develop a more frugal mindset. One task I set myself was to reflect on my previous spending- which purchases had bought long term happiness and which hadn’t. With this exercise the best place for me to start was looking at my previous orders on Amazon and there were a lot and this is what I discovered:

Purchases that have brought long term happiness were:

  1. Surprisingly few and far between.
  2. All the puzzles that I have bought Lizzie.
  3. Practically all the toys and books that I have bought Lizzie have at one time or another been a hit and looking back on these purchases makes me smile.
  4. Books for me that I had researched and really wanted.


Purchases that have not bought long term happiness:

  1. Cranky diet/cookbooks – I need to sell these or donate them to a charity shop.
  2. Sewing supplies – Looking back on my purchases of 2016 is scary I went wild on sewing supplies, sewing patterns, sewing books, you name it. Now I have completed some projects, but our spare room is taken over by all my sewing supplies.
  3. Items I have bought on a whim, without research to solve a problem. Staying at a friend’s house, panicking Lizzie won’t sleep as room is too light, my answer-emergency order a snoozeshade.


My resolutions:

  1. Don’t order any diet/cookbooks.
  2. To only buy books from physical shops – I think that bookshops are some of the loveliest shops around and I am going to do my bit to keep them going and this will also give me an opportunity to have a look through the book and see if it is what I really want.
  3. No ordering sewing supplies in 2017 – attempt projects that I already have the resources for.
  4. Don’t attempt to spend my way out of a problem.

Along with become more frugal I am on a mission to declutter and organise our house and lives. So this week I crocheted a hanging storage basket for some of Lizzie’s smaller toys. I used yarn that I already had, so frugal and helps with organising.

FullSizeRender 2


I am already making another larger one to store some of her soft toys, hopefully it will be finished by next Friday’s post.

Emma xxx




2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday #5: Becoming Reflective

    1. My mindset is definitely a work in progress. I love buying yarn, we have a great wool shop walking distance from our house which brings me sooooo much temptation. I think buying yarn is money well spent: you get the enjoyment of picking the colour, the weight, the feel, then the enjoyment of making your project, then you get use out of your project!

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