Frugal Fridays #4: The Reboot

Hey! It has been a while. I have been a very poor blogger and becoming frugal – well I am pretty rubbish at that as well.


I have always had a shocking relationship with money. I have really issues in understanding the value of different purchases and in making decisions regarding money that are actually best for me and my family in the long term. My underlying attitude to spending is that if I can afford it and I want it, then buy it. I have phases when I am good with money and then my underlying nature  breaks through and it all goes to pot again. I ultimately love spending money, but I don’t like the impact it has had on my life. When we bought our house, Michael paid the vast majority of the deposit and now when we are outgrowing our present house, mainly because of all the things we have bought, we can’t afford a bigger house.

I have decided that it is no use just putting myself on a budget, which I always find ways to circumvent, I need to change my attitude to money. I have been reading up on how to develop a frugal mindset and here is what I am going to do:

  1. Make a poster of what I want our lives to be like in five years time – the house, the security, …… This is to help me visualise where we are going, with the idea that this will help me to realise how wasting money gets us further a way from our goals.
  2. Long term v short term: I am going to make decisions based on our future and not on the present.
  3. I am going to delete my Amazon account – it is just too easy to shop on Amazon, I get an idea of something I would like to buy and two minutes later I have ordered it on Amazon. Not only have I ordered the original item that I wanted, but I have ordered additional items to make my order up to £20 so that I don’t have to pay for postage.
  4. I am only going to carry cash and only a small amount, in case I am really tempted.
  5. I am going to give myself a 24 hour cooling off period if I want to make an unnecessary purchase.
  6. I am going to take homemade lunches and snacks for Lizzie and I when we are out.
  7. As a family we are going to have one no-spend weekend a month. We are going to find fun, free things to do.
  8. Ensure that we take care of our possessions. As I have mentioned before Lizzie loves her gel wax crayons, she now has a Djeco set which is beautiful and she loves. We were walking past the shop where I had bought them from and I thought “oh I better buy a second set in case Lizzie breaks one”. I then came to my senses, yes Lizzie would be upset if one of them broke, devastated if it was the pink one, but learning that you need to take care of your possessions is a vital life skill and I can support her with, rather than never let her have to deal with.
  9. I am also going to review my past purchases so that I can see what brought us happiness and were good uses of our money and what weren’t. Hopefully this exercise will help me to make good spending decisions in the future.
  10. I am going to record daily what I spend.


Hopefully I can retrain my mind so that we can have  a happier future and also help Lizzie to have a successful relationship with money.

In case the above sounds like I am splashing the cash left, right and center, I’m not. We don’t wear designer clothes, I don’t drink, we have no debt apart from our mortgage, I spend too much on Lizzie and just generally on little things here and there.

Fingers crossed that my frugality reboot works. Any advice on developing a frugal mindset would be very welcome.

Emma xxx


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