Mathematical Mondays #3: Review of Shape Sorters

Shape sorter toys have been around for generations and are great fun. They help toddlers to develop their problem solving, shape identification and fine motor skills. Lizzie has had 4 shape sorter toys and here is my thoughts on each of them.

Green Toys Shape Sorter


This was the first shape sorter that Lizzie had, I bought it when she was six months old, but she didn’t really start to use it until she was one year old.

Pros: The pieces are nice and chunky and great for little hands, there is two of each shape which allows the child to practice what they have just done.

Cons: sometimes the pieces already in the sorter can block a new piece from being pushed through a hole, this can be quite frustrating for a toddler.


Orange Tree Toys Lion Shape Sorter



This was brought as a present for Lizzie.

Pros: this is a beautiful shape sorter and looks lovely in Lizzie’s room. There are six different shapes to insert.

Cons: The individual pieces are quite thin, which means that if you turn them on their side then you can insert them into a different shaped hole, which kind of defeats the purpose of the toy.



IKEA Shape Sorter


This isn’t a traditional shape sorter in that the pieces don’t disappear into holes, instead they are placed into the corresponding indentation on the truck.

Pros: all the pieces are chunky and easy for little hands to manipulate. This is a multi functional toy as well as a puzzle, it can be played with as a pull along toy or as a regular toy truck.

Cons: Maybe a few more pieces would increase the challenge and interest levels.


Goki Learn to Count with Wooden Rings


This is Lizzie’s latest toy that involves sorting objects by looking at shapes, in this case she has to look at the shape of the hole in each piece and then match this to the identically shaped rod.

Pros: a different way to play with shapes, great for counting as well.

Cons: I wish all the pieces were the same colour, Lizzie first puts down one of each colour in the correct place and then proceeds to place the other pieces by colour matching, rather than looking at the shape of the hole in the piece.


Out of these four I would go for the Green Toys sorter for a baby/ younger toddler and the Goki for an older toddler.

I am now thinking of getting Lizzie a geometrical stacker – which would you recommend?

Emma xxx



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