Frugal Fridays #3

It has been quite a tricky week in the tendertiger household. Mr Michael and Lizzie both came down with my cold and I haven’t quite shaken it off yet. The virus hit Lizzie particularly hard, she had a soaring temperature and then she completely refused to take calpol, she even developed this move with her tongue where she would scoop out any medicine we had managed to get in her mouth and then spit it back out. A trip to the doctors and half an hour later I was armed with some paracetamol suppositories – wow these are good and for once Lizzie not being potty trained had its benefits. I will spare you the rest of the details. On to the frugality.

What have I bought for Lizzie this week?

So two purchases to report this week.


I found a gorgeous cat hat on sale (reduced to £4.50).

Was this purchase necessary? Yes it is freezing here and her penguin hat has a hole in it and it is sooooo cute.

As I have said before Lizzie is really into dinosaurs at the moment and on a twitter recommendation I bought some dinosaur cutters. Haven’t used them yet.

Was this purchase necessary? No, probably not.

What have I made for Lizzie this week?

I have got my act together on the crochet front this week and have complete the inner part of the eight granny squares that I am going to use to make the doll’s blanket. I am now going to put two rows of pink around each square, two already done, and then join them together. I am hoping to have this completed for next week’s post.



The gel crayons are still a firm favourite and also another bonus they wash out completely. Lizzie got some purple crayon on my lovely grey jeans, as I said last week the colours come out very vivid and so I was convinced that the crayons would stain, but no I put my jeans in the wash and they came out like new.

The Frozen magazine saw a little more love this week, but she is back into her colouring books.

I am really pleased with the crochet that I have done this week, but kicking myself for the cutters – less hope we get a lot of use out of them.

Have a fab weekend.

Emma xxx


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