Frugal Friday #2

Confessions of a shopaholic trying to fabulously raise a toddler on a budget.

What have I bought for Lizzie this week?

I think I have been quite good this week, for me.

I bought Lizzie a Frozen magazine. I mainly bought it because it came with a wand and Lizzie has recently lost the only wand she had. The magazine contained stickers – always a hit. Was this a necessity purchase?  No.

While on amazon buying a book for myself on amazon I noticed that there was another item that I had put in my basket a while ago and hadn’t actually purchased yet. This item was a pack of gel crayons. If you or your child haven’t used gel crayons before then I would really recommend that you try them. I find with regular crayons that the colour payoff can be poor and frustrating for toddlers, while gel crayons produce very vibrant colours easily. Was this a necessity purchase? In my view yes.

Here is my little artist at work.


I have never seen her so engrossed in drawing and colouring, she has really enjoyed using the gel crayons.

What have I made for Lizzie this week?

Okay excuses time, I have had a heavy cold this week, so my evenings have been cosying in bed with my book. All I have produced this week is one granny square. I promise to be more efficient next week.


My purchases from last week:

The JoJo Maman Bebe vests have been brilliant, they have washed well and Lizzie loves them.

The JoJo Maman Bebe mittens – jury is still out, not convinced by their shape and Lizzie only keeps them on for a maximum of five minutes.

The Noisy Dinosaur book, Lizzie still adores this book, we read it at least five times a day.

My makes from last week:

Crochet doll’s blanket – still a work in progress.

The coloured rice – Lizzie enjoyed tipping the coloured rice from one bowl to another more than using it as an art resource, but she did really enjoy tipping it and playing with it, so I will probably invest in some more food colouring and make some more.


Hoping for a spend free and more productive week next week.

Emma xxx








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