About me:

I am a thirty something mum to an intelligent, beautiful, loving, funny and very strong-willed daughter.

I am currently a stay at home mum, but pre-baby I was a maths teacher and I am still passionate and very concerned about the state of education.

Why did I decide to write a bog?

Well I find myself in a dichotomy, on one-hand I value education and academic success very highly and believe that hard-work is the only sure-fire route to achieving this success. On the other hand I want my daughter to have a fulfilling, stress-free and enjoyable childhood. I don’t think I’m cut out to be a full-on tiger mum, but then does that mean my daughter will miss out and be doomed to academic failureĀ  and a dead-end job? Is there another way?

I have read so many childcare, child development and parenting books that I think I have managed to confuse myself. My hope for this blog is that through the act of writing my thoughts down I will be able to get them in order, that I will be able to connect with other parents with whom I can learn from and ultimately I will become a better mother.

My Burgeoning Parenting Philosophy

  • They must know that they are loved.
  • The less screen time the better.
  • Reading with your child and following their interests with books is always a winner.
  • Trying to create a stimulating environment – this is hard for me, I am a very linear person, so need some creative suggestions.
  • No rote learning – wow! Your toddler can list the numbers one to twenty but has no idea what they mean, whats the point?
  • Getting your child out in nature as much as possible is great, which is hard for me as I hate cold weather.
  • The right sleep and healthy food make for an easier life, but can at times be very difficult to achieve.

What am I missing?

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